The idea

What is the idea behind Changers?

We believe that a smart idea, a lot of dedication, and muscle power (when cycling) can actually accomplish something against climate change. We are providing the tool with the Changers app and we are counting on you to participate!

Even as other topics take precedence in the media, it’s this simple: the collapse of the climate and our environment means there is no future for any of us. So it is high time to act. 

Step 1 – Making sustainable action measurable.

It all started in 2011. At that time, we brought a handy solar charger to the market, enabling people to produce their own CO2-free energy. The device connected to a social network on the internet. The idea came to us after the Kyoto Climate Summit in Copenhagen. It was during this summit that the international community agreed to recognize CO2 savings as a value for all nations.

With our solar charger, this value can now be created by anyone, measured in grams of CO2 savings and proven with the generated solar watt hours. Good for the climate and good for powering small mobile devices with on-the-go clean electricity. 

Step 2 – A sustainable climate currency: The green ReCoins.

The amount of solar electricity generated and associated CO2 savings is transferred from the solar battery to the Changers app. There we give the user a bonus point in their account for each watt-hour of electricity, corresponding to a half gram of CO2 savings. We call the bonus points ReCoins: Renewable Energy Coins, in short. They are the green currency we now use to reward sustainable behavior.

The production process is patented, and together with we produce ReCoins through solar energy in Ethiopia, Kenya and Botswana. There, solar-powered shops replace diesel generators and kerosene lamps. They supply the rural population with tools, food and medicine and improve the quality of life. We measure the amount of solar energy generated by each kiosk, and for every kilowatt hour, we compensate the operators to help fund the shops.

Every watt hour is equal to one ReCoin in the Changers bank, and users in the Changers app can earn one ReCoin for every kilometer cycled.

Step 3 – Making sustainable competition fun.

Climate change and fun – together? We think it’s possible. What’s more fun than comparing your own accomplishments to that of your friends? There are high scores for users, cities, and countries that tell you where stand against your peers and what you have already achieved. There are also awards for achieving goals, and badges for participating in promotions.

Step 4 – Rewarding sustainable mobility

With the launch of our new app, we are now focused on the theme of sustainable mobility. Traffic noise and air pollution increasingly reduce the quality of life in cities. When you travel by bike, bus or train, everyone wins. With the Changers app you can measure your distance travelled and see immediately–even during the journey–the effects of your chosen type of mobility on the climate. For every kilometer sustainably travelled by bicycle or public transport, you get a ReCoin, representing the CO2 saved in comparison to travelling by car. 

Step 5 – Use ReCoins and live CO2 free.

Each of us constantly emits CO2, not just by travel but even when we drink a coffee or buy a pair of jeans. However, the consequence must be neither rejection of consumerism nor despair, but instead, smart compensation. If you have earned at least 50 ReCoins by bicycle, bus or train travel, you can easily purchase a climate certificate in the Changers app. This represents a savings of 50 kilograms of CO2. Now you can live CO2 free, promote the worldwide use of renewable energies, and also support social projects. 


Step 6 – Collaboration with sustainable partners


Companies, retailers and municipalities also have an interest in a healthy environment, more cycling and public transport ridership. Our goal is the win-win-win situation for everyone involved.
Whether you see ReCoins as a green customer acquisition tool, an incentive for employees or for more citizen participation, in any case, using Changers is a win for both us and the environment. More information about about how we can work together can be found here.

Now we leave it to you, to your love for the planet and your muscle strength. Let’s prove together that we can stop climate change and create a new definition for the value of sustainable action.