Solar Panel Maroshi IV

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Solar Panel Maroshi IV

Go big and more than tripple your energy production from 4 Watts to 13.5 Watts by using this bigger solar panel!

The Solar Panel Maroshi weighs just a little more than 600 grams.
It is flexible, 2 mm thin, and weatherproof.


Why a bigger panel?

The photovoltaic effect depends on the surface area of the solar panels. The Maroshi IV produces three times solar energy under optimal conditions, but the really interesting effect is the improved energy production from this bigger panel in bad weather conditions. We especially recommend a second panel to those living in the north during winter.


Maroshi Technical Details

Size:  Height 63.0 / Width 36.5 / Thickness 0.2 (cm)
          Height 24.8 / Width 14.37 / Thickness 0.078 (inches)
Weight: 650 grams (22.92 ounces)
Rated power (Pmpp): 13.5 Watt
Voltage at Pmax (Umpp): 17.5 Volt
Current at Pmax (lmpp): 0.24 Ampere
Open circuit voltage (Uoc): 23.0 Volt
Short-circuit voltage (Isc): 0.98 Ampere
Solar cable: 2m, DC-jack 2 pole 5.5 x 2.1 mm