Solar Charger Starter Kit

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Changers offers a mobile green energy to charge your smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices, portable game consoles, and other mobile devices at nearly the same charging speed as from an outlet.

The Solar Panel Maroshi

  • only 2 mm thin and flexible
  • weighs less than 100 grams and is weatherproof
  • can be easily attached to a window pane or backpack
  •  a 2 m long cable allows best positioning in the sun
  • produces up to 4 watt of pure solar power
  • can be upgraded to 8 or 12 watt

The Solar Charger Kalhuohfummi

  • Mobile power for smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices, portable game consoles, and more
  • Charges your smartphone twice and your tablet up to 36% and nearly as fast as from an outlet
  • Contains two high quality lithium-ion batteries  with a total capacity of 4400mAh
  • The 4 Watt (peak) solar panel fully charges the battery in 4-5 hours on optimum conditions
  • Simultaneous charge and discharge the battery
  • Active MPP-Tracking of the battery leads to 25% more energy output 
  • Distinguishes solar power from any conventional power source and displays the amount of your energy production in the Changers CO2 fit app
  • For each watt-hour of solar energy you have produced you receive a bonus point, which we call ReCoin
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Designed, produced and patented in Germany
  • Deceived multiple awards for design, technic and concept


Why our Starter Kit is unique

The intelligent battery calculates the exact amount of energy generated in watt hours and CO2 savings in grams. The battery saves the data as your energy balance with your User ID and a timestamp. When you connect the battery to the internet, you can upload your data to the Changers CO2 Fit app. There you can see how much energy you have produced and how much CO2 you have saved. You can compete with your friends locally and compare to users around the world. You can track your ranking on the global leaderboard and join in the Changers CO2 Challenge. You can also earn exciting awards for your energy production.


Technical Details of the Solar Panel Maroshi

Height: 37.0 | Width 19.1 | Thickness 0.2 (cm)
Height: 14.6 | Width 7.52 | Thickness 0.078 (inches)
Weight: 105 grams (3.70 oz)
Rated power (Pmax): 4 Watt
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp): 16.5 Volt
Current at Pmax (lmp): 0.24 Ampere
Open circuit voltage (Uoc): 23.25 Volt
Short-circuit voltage (Isc): 0.29 Ampere
Solar cable: 2m, DC-jack 2 pole 5.5 x 2.1 mm


Technical Details of the Solar Battery Kalhuohfummi

Height: 9.6 | Width 8.25 | Depth 2.0 (cm)
Height: 3.78 | Width 3.25 | Depth 0.78 (inches)
Weight: 161 grams (5.67 oz)
Power input DC-IN: 5V - 30V, max. 1A
Active MPP-tracking
Energy storage 4400mAh
Lithium-Ion cells
Power output DC OUT: 5V, max 1.2A


Provided adapter set

1 x mini USB
1 x LG KG80
1 x Nokia 2mm
1 x Sony Ericsson
1 x Samsung D800
1 x Sony PSP
1 x Nintendo DS/GB
1 x Nintendo DS lite
All Apple products should be charged via the original Apple charging cables


What's included with the Changers Starter Kit

Changers Solar Charger Kalhuohfummi
Changers Solar Panel Maroshi
USB type A to micro USB cable
USB type A to DC Jack cable + 8 adapters
2 suction cups
12V power supply
Changers Quick-Start Guide 



IF Product Design Award 2012
Green Good Award 2012
Nominated for the German Design Award 2013
Nominated for the Bundespreis Eco Design 2013
Finalist for the M2M Award 2013/2014