Solar Battery Kalhuohfummi

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The solar battery Kalhuohfummi is an ultraportable power source for your mobile devices. With its 4400 mAh capacity, the battery can fully charge your smartphone 2x or charge your tablet to 42% at almost the same speed as when plugged into an outlet.

The intelligent solar battery Kalhuohfummi is a lot more than a common charger as it also measures your generated energy. In addition to information on your self-produced energy, the battery measures your associated CO2 savings. And that’s what matters!


Kalhuohfummi is Powerful

  • The intelligent battery measures your energy produced (Wh) and CO2 savings (grams)
  • Active MPP-Tracking of the battery leads to 25% more energy output from the solar panel
  • Quality 3.7V, 4400 mAh Li-ion battery, powerful enough for 2 full smartphone charges or to charge an iPad to 40%
  • Charges your device nearly as fast as when plugged into an outlet

Kalhuohfummi Technical Details

Height 9.6 | Width 8.25 | Depth 2.0 (cm)
Height 3.78 | Width 3.25 | Depth 0.78 (inches)
Weight: 161 grams (5.67 ounces)
Power input DC-IN: 5V – 30V, max. 1A
Active MPP-tracking
Energy storage 4400 mAh; Lithium-ion cells
Power output DC OUT: 5V, max. 1.2A


1 x mini USB
1 x LG KG80
1 x Nokia 2mm
1 x Sony Ericsson
1 x Samsung D800
1 x Sony PSP
1 x Nintendo DS/GB
1 x Nintendo DS lite
All Apple products should be charged via the original Apple charging cables


What's included

Changers Solar Charger Kalhuohfummi
USB type A to micro USB cable
USB type A to DC Jack cable + 8 adapters
Changers Quick-Start Guide



IF Product Design Award 2012
Green Good Award 2012
Nominated for the German Design Award 2013
Nominated for the Bundespreis Eco Design 2013
Finalist for the M2M Award 2013/2014